Kate Hudson Appreciates Being a Young Mom

When Kate Hudson gave birth to son Ryder at 24, she didn’t realize just how young she was.

“When I had Ryder, I didn’t feel young,” Kate said at the press day for her new movie, Something Borrowed.

“I didn’t feel like I was having a baby young … [he was] my family’s first grandkid and to me it just felt normal.”

But, as Ryder got a little older, Kate began to realize just how young she was.

“As I started getting older, as he started getting older and I was 28, 29, I was like, ‘Wow. I’m a young mom.’ It started hitting me.”

Now, at 32 and pregnant with her second child, Kate looks back and can truly appreciate having a child at a young age.

“Now I have a little boy who is just his own person … the baby is really starting to go away and now I’m like, ‘I really was a young mom…I’m so happy that I had a child so young. He is my buddy.”



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