Kate Hudson Prepared for Second Baby!

Kate Hudson’s got quite the protective man on her hands and by that, we mean her 7-year-old son Ryder.

When the star puts spicy stuff on her food, Ryder stops her saying, “Mom, don’t eat that. The baby might not like spicy.” A few other things that are on the no-no list for mommy created by her son include driving or getting on anything high. Hudson says, “He’s very protective. It’s pretty cute.” We agree!

Besides having a little Ryder keeping an eye out for her, this pregnancy differs from her first in a lot of ways.

When Hudson was pregnant with Ryder, she was less than prepared to say the least. This time around, things are much different. Whereas before she didn’t even have a nursery, she’s had the opportunity to paint her nursery this time around. She’s all set up and ready to go!



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