Jewel’s Admirable Preparations for Motherhood


Jewel is pregnant with her first child with husband Ty Murray, which for her, means thinking about every detail in anticipation of the big day when she’ll meet the newest love of her life!

“I’m really excited. It’s my first baby, so we’ve been kind of preparing as we plan,” she told PEOPLE. “Though we have a sneaking suspicion you can never be prepared enough.”

The singer is a self-proclaimed "Type A personality", so it’s no surprise that she’s been reading up on all things baby. But Mama’s not the only one who’s doing some research–Murray “asked me for the baby book the other day and was reading it, so I’m fairly impressed.”

Jewel may only be a mommy-to-be at this point, but she’s already thinking about the day when family dinners will be a long-lasting tradition.

“I have great memories of doing that as a kid, and there’s also a lot of research out there about how families that eat together, their kids are smarter and healthier and have more self-esteem,” she explained. That’s why she teamed up with Libby’s Fruits and Vegetables to encourage people to spend time together as a family unit. Libby’s and Jewel are encouraging creativity by hosting a contest to re-make the iconic Libby’s jingle. Jewel is selecting the finalists of the contest. 

She’s also realistic about what she’ll be able to put on the table since she is a full-time recording artist as well as a mom. “I like cooking, but I hate spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I’m not going to spend four hours making a meal. So the more shortcuts I can take that are healthy and nutritious to get to the table, I’m really looking at," she said.

In addition to her efforts to strengthen America’s family bonds, Jewel wants to entertain America’s children through music as well. To do this, the singer recorded an album of children’s music, tentatively titled Merry Go Round. “I wanted it to be a record that was hopefully smart and multi-layered so that adults would like it. I kind of liken it to The Beatles ‘Rocky Raccoon.’ It’s whimsical and storytelling but still a well-crafted pop song.”

It looks like Jewel is going to be an A+ mother!



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