Homemade Beauty Tips to Enlarge Breasts


Mother Nature may not have endowed you with the goods to fill out that bathing suit top, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to surgery to get what you want. In fact, Mother Nature herself may provide the ingredients for improving upon the bounty she gave — or didn’t give — you. While few scientific studies support claims of breast enlargement for nonsurgical methods, anecdotal evidence suggests that some home remedies may help increase your breast size. Be sure to discuss your plans with your health care provider.


If his daughter were unhappy with the size of her bust line, says herbalist James Duke in “The Green Pharmacy,” he would encourage her to try natural approaches, such as fenugreek, an herb with a centuries-old reputation for enlarging the breasts. In fact, he developed a recipe for an herbal tea he calls “Bustea” that combines fenugreek with several other herbs that may help increase your bust size. The secret, according to Duke, is diosgenin, a phytochemical that is similar to the female hormone, estrogen.

To make Bustea, combine 1 cup fenugreek sprouts with 2 cups water, add a dash each of anise, basil, caraway, fennel, marjoram, licorice, lemongrass and dill. Bring it to a boil. After it cools, add honey and lemon to taste. Drink 1 or 2 cups a day. Duke notes that fenugreek may also lower blood sugar, and Susan Seligson, author of “Stacked: A 32DDD Reports from the Front,” warns that fenugreek contains chemicals that may interfere with medications for diabetes and blood clots. If you are taking medication, you should always consult your doctor before starting to use fenugreek or any other herbal remedy.

Herbal Salve

If you don’t like the flavor of fenugreek, you can always rub it in, says Duke, who notes that breast tissue can absorb “a certain amount” of plant chemicals. He recommends grinding fenugreek shoots and seeds in a blender and adding vegetable oil to make a paste. You can also make a paste from wild yams, which contain precursors to diosgenin. Peel off the outer bark, and mash the inner root to a pulp in a blender, suggests Duke. Massage the salve into your breasts daily. As with the tea, the ingredients in the herbal salve may interfere with medications you take, so consult your doctor before using it.

Creative Visualization

You can literally imagine your breasts bigger, suggests Christiane Northrup in “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing.” Northrup describes four research studies in which women used hypnotism and creative visualization to increase the size of their breasts by as much as two cup sizes. You can buy hypnosis CDs for breast enlargement online, or you can record your own guided visualizations. In your recording, encourage yourself to feel warmth pulsing through your breasts, to merge the pulsing with your heartbeat and to feel each heartbeat sending energy into your breasts. Practice the visualization once a day. In the studies cited by Northrup, participants saw results within 12 weeks.



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