Kitchen Decor Themes


Your kitchen should be a lively room, decorated with colors and a theme that makes you want to spend time there. The kitchen should complement the colors and style of nearby rooms, particularly if you can see the kitchen from another room. However, the kitchen is also a room that allows for more creativity and character than other rooms, such as a formal living room.

Italian Chefs

Decorate your kitchen with black, white and red with images of happy Italian chefs. Small black-and-white tiles can serve as your backsplash. White cabinets work best, although wood cabinets can include novelty chef knobs. Hang prints of the chefs, who typically have white chef’s hats and jackets over black-and-white checked pants. Add chef figurines on your counters or above your cabinets that hold bottles of wine or a trio of smiling and dancing chefs in different positions. Use black-and-white checked dish towels and potholders with red trim or images of chefs.

Farm Fresh

A farm kitchen theme is ideal if you like rustic decor or some of the simpler things in life, such as apples, roosters or cows, which are typically associated with farms. A farm apple theme typically includes green-and-cream checks with red apples. Display dishes with apples or green-and-cream checks around the kitchen. Small apple knobs can replace standard knobs or you can paint an image of an apple onto your cabinet doors. Line your counter or the space above the cabinets with apple-shaped cookie, sugar and flour jars.


Use a sunflower theme in your kitchen if the flowers make you feel happy. Paint the walls a light, golden-yellow or cream color. Decorate above your cabinets with silk sunflowers amongst other green plants, baskets or black and yellow plates, jars or pottery. Place a lamp on the counter with a shade decorated with images of sunflowers. A single sunflower — fresh or silk — can grace the counter, as well.


Create a warm, Tuscany-themed kitchen by sponging golden yellow paint on the walls. Add burnt reds, such as deep terra-cotta, and orange for a colorful, authentic look. Add any other color to the mix that you desire. Red clay tiles will add to the theme. Use peel-and-stick decals to add scripted words, such as “Family” or “Live, Laugh, Love” on the walls. This adds a touch of formality and provides a feeling of welcome.

Hunting Lodge

Incorporate a rustic hunting lodge feel to your kitchen with hunter green and big black bears. There are novelty items that incorporate bears, such as kitchen towels, potholders, paper towel holders, salt-and-pepper shakers and dishes. Place a bear figurine on the counter with twigs or other natural woodsy items for authenticity.


Incorporate a vintage theme if you’d like to transport your kitchen back to 1950s. Popular vintage themes in the kitchen include using turquoise or red Coca-Cola novelty items. Pair Formica countertops or tables with chrome stools that have vinyl-covered seats. A black-and-white checkered floor will add authenticity to your theme. Bright red paint works for a Coca-Cola theme, while turquoise paint works for a general vintage theme. Add a small soda fountain or tabletop jukebox for authenticity.



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