Holiday Dinnerware Storage Chest


The Fall and Winter seasons mark the beginning of a slew of cheerful holidays, calling for special, festive dinnerware sets featuring pumpkins, turkeys, snowflakes and more.

As the winter holidays come to an end (please no!), all those dishes will be tucked away during the warmer months until the next shivery, cold season brings about another year of festive cheer.

Household Essentials Holiday Dinnerware Storage Chest is the perfect way to store your special holiday plates, bowls and dishes.

The clear see-through front panel allows you to easily locate your stored dishware.

This cotton canvas storage set features a red and green color scheme, great for storing Christmas dishware decor! The storage chest also comes in a beautiful natural canvas with brown trim.

Felt protectors are provided that slide between plates and/or bowls for up to a set of 12.






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