Tips on Having a Baby Boy


The only sure way to have a baby boy, according to, is to use the high-tech method of preimplantation genetic diagnosis. This method involves fertilizing the egg with sperm in a laboratory, then testing the resulting embryos to determine their gender. Any male embryos are then implanted in the woman’s uterus. This method is expensive, and some say it is unethical. There are other, less-extreme methods on conceiving a baby boy, but none of them are fail-proof.

Eat Right

A study performed by the University of Exeter found that the women who consumed the most amount of calories conceived boys. Forty-five percent of the women who consumed the least amount of calories conceived boys, as opposed to the highest calorie group, of which 56 percent conceived boys. In addition, women who ate salty foods, bananas (and other high-potassium foods) and more than one bowl of cereal for breakfast were found to have a higher chance (59 percent) of having a boy.

Time it Right

The Shettles method states that the faster but weaker “Y” sperm will reach the egg first if intercourse is timed to occur close to ovulation. For this reason, intercourse a day or two after ovulation may net you a boy, according to the Stanford Medical Center website.

Keep Cool

Keeping the sperm cool will ensure that they live longer. The “Y” sperm are more fragile than the “X” sperm, according to the Stanford School of Medicine website. Give them every advantage by keeping them nice and cool. Make sure your man does not overheat (and thus weaken) his sperm. Men who are trying to conceive a boy should stay out of hot tubs or hot baths, wear boxers and avoid activities that can lower the sperm count, such as smoking, drinking or using drugs.

Have an Orgasim

When a woman organisms, the cervical fluid becomes more alkaline in nature, which favors the “Y” sperm. It also becomes more plentiful and allows the sperm to swim faster.



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