Advice About Pregnancy


Many women look forward to the day they become pregnant only to discover, after learning of their pregnancy, that they know nothing about how to handle this event. While becoming pregnant is usually simple and carrying your child is generally something that happens naturally, with or without the mother’s knowledge of the infant development process, possessing knowledge of pregnancy can make it easier for novice moms to navigate the stage successfully.

Importance of Nutrition

Nutrition is of paramount importance when you are pregnant, as the food and vitamins you intake affect not only your health, but also the health of your baby. Most health care providers urge expectant mothers to take supplements, including multivitamins and folic acid. These nutrient helpers ensure that you and your baby get the nutrition you both need during pregnancy, even if your cravings lead you to pick cupcakes instead of apples.

Keep on Moving

Many women slow down as they progress through the pregnancy. While this urge is a natural response to increased weight and decreased flexibility, the CDC urges moms to be to resist it. By keeping up with a basic exercise routine throughout pregnancy, moms-to-be can strengthen the muscles that they will need come time to bring baby into the world. Maintaining an active lifestyle may also make it easier to bounce back physically post-baby.

Stay Stress Free

It is natural to worry about the many complications that could arise during pregnancy or birth, or even the challenges presented by having a newborn in the home post-birth; however, as Dr. Spock reports, giving in to this stress could be detrimental to your pregnancy health. As this source reports, studies indicate that women who stress to an excessive degree during early pregnancy are more likely to experience miscarriage than those who do not engage in this worry.

Rest Up

If you are recently pregnant, you will likely realize that pregnant women spend most of their nine months exhausted. This exhaustion is your body’s way of telling you that you require rest. The complex task that your body is in the process of completing is physically exhausting at the least. Sleep whenever you are tired during this period. By resting up before the baby comes, you not only keep yourself healthy during pregnancy, but you also ensure that you have the energy required to tend to the baby’s needs once he arrives.

Planning for Baby

Many first time moms-to-be find it hard to fathom the fact that they are actually producing a tiny person deep within them. One of the easiest ways to make this seemingly magical fact real is to spend time preparing for the birth of your child. Nesting is a natural instinct that commonly arises before birth. Give in to this urge and dedicate yourself to creating space for your baby so you are all ready to serve as mama bird once he comes.



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