Reviver Clothing Wipe


As a mom on-the-go, I rarely have time to stop by my home during the day. So I always make sure my essentially car is stocked with all the essentials I may need.

REVIVER Reusable Clothing Wipes are a must-have addition to your on-the-go care kit! These nifty wipes are like a breath mints for your clothes.

Running around all day, you can’t expect your perfume and body spray to last. Fitting easily in your purse, gym bag or glove compartment, REVIVER wipes can help get rid of unwanted aromas, leaving you with a just-laundered scent.

REVIVER wipes are reusable and safe to use on all fabrics, eliminating unwanted scents from both clothing and hair – anything from smoke, food or pet odor!




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