Watch Over Your Loved Ones with Folr

The following post is sponsored by Folr.

My son started middle school a few weeks ago so I broke down and finally got him a phone. He’s been begging for one for a long time but there was just no need for him to have one. But now that he’s attending a huge school and will be taking a bus into the village with his friends and basically having a lot more freedom I want him to have the phone to contact me and vice versa. Another bonus of the phone is that I can use it to keep track of his whereabouts now using a simple location-tracking application called Folr.

Folr is a free app that you can easily install on any mobile device like smartphones and tablets. This way if my son doesn’t tell me where he is after school I can track him down. This app is also useful to help keep track of other family members. For instance, my husband, bless his heart, isn’t always the best at answering his phone or texts. This drives me crazy, especially when I don’t know if he really is picking up my daughter at soccer or if he is still at the office. But now with Folr, I can tell if he’s at the field or at his desk!

You just type in the phone number (or you can choose it from your contacts) and it sends an invite that the recipient can choose to accept or not. This makes it less intrusive since you can’t just follow people without their knowledge.

This app definitely makes me feel more at ease with my son as he gains his independence and if, heaven for bid, something bad happens to him, this could help us find him. You just can’t be too protective when it comes to our kids.

Folr can be downloaded at the Apple Store and also on Google Play.




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