How to Job Hunt While Pregnant


A job change during pregnancy adds another challenge to the search and interview process. At a certain point in the pregnancy, it is impossible to hide the fact that you are pregnant. Even if you aren’t showing yet, not mentioning the pregnancy puts you in a sticky situation with a potential employer. Waiting until after you are hired to announce the pregnancy to your new boss might get the career off to a rocky start. By law, employers are not allowed to deny a job based solely on pregnancy and cannot legally ask you about pregnancy.

Step 1

Purchase a professional maternity outfit suitable for an interview, especially if you are already showing. Looking professional is key in an interview, whether pregnant or not.

Step 2

Weigh the pros and cons of telling the potential employer about the pregnancy before accepting a job if you aren’t showing yet. Decide if you want to risk making the employer feel deceived by not telling them or take your chances on not getting the job by telling the employer before a decision is made. While employers aren’t supposed to deny a job because of pregnancy, it is difficult to prove or avoid in all cases.

Step 3

Decide at what point you will mention the pregnancy. While you probably don’t want to open with the pregnancy, consider if you want to tell them in the first interview, second interview, when a job is offered or after you start working. Keep the plan flexible based on how the job search unfolds.

Step 4

Evaluate the risk in the industry within which you are applying. Consider the requirements for each job and if those requirements put you at risk during your pregnancy. Stick with jobs that you can reasonably perform while pregnant.

Step 5

Create a plan for your maternity leave. Decide how much time you will take for maternity leave and how you might make the period easier for the employer. Prepare to share this information during the interview if necessary.

Step 6

Research the family-friendliness of each potential employer through the employee handbook or benefits information. Factors like the maternity leave policy, child care reimbursement programs and on-site daycare centers give you some clues about how the company values family.

Step 7

Reassure the potential employer that the pregnancy won’t interfere with your job performance, but avoid going into too much detail. This puts too much emphasis on the pregnancy while overshadowing your qualifications for the position.

Step 8

Showcase your abilities and stay confident throughout the interview.



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