First Sign of Child With Diabetes


Diabetes is a potentially serious medical condition that requires diet modification and perhaps even medication to control. While, in some cases, children show no outward signs of the fact that they have developed diabetes, in most instances there are some warning signs that parents can watch for. If diabetes runs in your family, it is wise to dedicate effort to watching out for these signs, as early detection could prove important in helping your child manage his diabetes.

Importance of Early Detection

If not tended to early, diabetes can become more serious. By watching for the warning signs of diabetes in your child and responding immediately to any signs you may notice, you can reduce the likelihood that your child’s diabetes results in permanent damage. An assortment of serious medical conditions, including stroke, circulation deficiency and nervous system disease, could strike if you don’t catch and deal with your child’s diabetes.

Physical Indications

An assortment of physical indications could accompany the onset of diabetes. Children who have developed diabetes commonly experience thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger or weight loss. Blurred vision in one or both eyes may also indicate the development of diabetes, as this blurring could be due to circulation issues, reports WebMD. reports that yeast infection in young girls may also indicate the development of diabetic issues.

Behavioral Signs

While the most telling signs of diabetes are physical, parents who suspect diabetes may also want to monitor their child’s attitude to watch for behavioral signs of this disease. As reports, extreme, sudden and unexplained irritability can also be a sign that your child suffers from diabetes.

Infant Signs

Fragile infants often exhibit different diabetes signs from older children. recommends that parents who worry about their infant having diabetes be on the lookout for a severe diaper rash, as a rash far beyond the norm could indicate a yeast infection that may be the result of diabetes. Other infant diabetes signs include extreme lethargy, insatiable thirst that results in dehydration and abdominal tenderness. If you notice any of these signs in your infant, speak to his pediatrician immediately.

Diabetes with No Symptoms

Just because your child shows no symptoms of diabetes, it does not mean that he does not suffer from the disorder. As WebMD reports, in some cases, children exhibit no outward signs of diabetes at all. The only way to detect diabetes in a child who shows no physical signs is through the completion of a blood test. Because there is a possibility that your child suffers from diabetes but isn’t showing any symptoms of the disorder, it is vital that you keep up with regular physicians visits to ensure the illness is detected as soon as possible.



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