A Whole Lotta Decor


Thank you for sharing your opinions with me on which bow you liked on the coffee filter wreath. That was fun! In the end I used the maroon bow.




The biggest reason was because the color went better with the cranberries below, and the reindeer just didn’t look the same without his big red bow. Can you see him in the background?

We may not be 100% ready for the big day yet, but one thing we are is well decorated. Our place is busting with Christmas decorations.


Here are some (but not all :O) of the many wreaths:


The stocking are hung.




The mantel is sparkling with glitter :-)



In fact, I don’t think there is a single spot in our entire house left undecorated.



The lights need some decor too don’t ya think?


Not even the skinniest of walls left undone.

And why would you have one Christmas tree when you can have 3?





This one gets re-arranged and added to daily. Hey you got to do something while those old artificial trees that are just sitting around!

Here are a few of my most treasured ornaments from The Picture Globe Company.

This one is from before Little Sister was born.



When she came a long we of course had to get one made with an adorable picture of her sitting in a basket.

OK so I might be a wee bit of a fanatic when it comes to decorating our home for the holidays, but I love it all the same! One day my husband will build me a room full of shelves where I can neatly store all the decorations, and I can go in there and peak at them every once in a while. Yeah right! A girl can dream though ;-)

Before you get picture overload here is one last photo. I love to display the holiday cards every year by pining them to a ribbon with reindeer cloth pins I made years ago. Oops one of them is missing an eye!


In this photo you can see cards from Jessie Lynn, Traveling Pat, Jules Maui, and Astrid, amongst other loved ones. Thank you dearly! We treasure them.
Happy Holidays! ?


How do you display Holiday Cards?




































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