My Phone Call with Dr. Oz!!!


Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of a conference call with Dr. Oz to discuss the upcoming third season of the Emmy Award-Winning The Dr. Oz Show! I personally am a huge fan of The Dr. Oz Show. Like many of you, I don’t have a lot of time for television so when I take time to watch something it is because I find it of great value.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the best gift we can give ourselves. Motivation is always a challenge for me in terms of following through. The Dr. Oz Show is huge source of both inspiration and motivation in my life. In Dr. Oz’s words “Awarness empowers prevention.”

One of my favorite aspects of the show is the willingness of Dr. Oz and his team to explore alternative medicine. For example, I am a huge proponent of meditation. The Dr. Oz show hosts a variety of doctors, some controversial. I asked Dr. Oz what kind of a backlash he has seen from the more traditional medical community, and how he deals with any negativity.

Dr. Oz said he doesn’t mind the push and pull. That, in fact, it is good because it helps to provide truth. For example, if Dr. Oz says something can help with an illness or medical problem it is because they have thoroughly looked into it.

Dr. Oz also mentioned that he himself meditates. In addition, he revealed that Deepak Chopra will be a return guest in the new season of The Doctor Oz Show. I look forward to finding out what the new season will bring!

Dr. Oz talked about how some of the hardest decisions as a doctor are not what to prescribe, but what prescriptions to take away. For example, taking 6 medications gives you a 50% change of a drug interaction. It is an important message worth sharing.

What I found touching from the conversation with Dr. Oz is that he considers himself a guest in the viewer’s home. A privilege I don’t believe he takes lightly. Being helpful and providing useful and often life saving information to his viewers is of upmost importance.

Season 3 of The Doctor Oz Show premieres on Monday, September 12.

“With the conclusion of “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, after 25 years, “The Doctor Oz” Show will be moving into former “Oprah” show time slots in 83 markets across the country and move to a news lead-in 150 markets.”

The premiere show on Monday, September 12 “reveals a 5-Step Plan for women over 40 to rid belly fat for good!”  200 brave women expose their belly fat, and learn about foods that help to reduce it, as well as some great dance moves.

During the premiere week, I am also looking forward to the “Contagion” show regarding the box office thriller with Oscar award winning director Steven Soderbergh and actor Matt Damon. Watch to see the discussion on “how closely art would imitate life.” In addition, The Dr. Oz Show will also announce a “yearlong Million Dollar Giveaway in September.”

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires inspiration and motivation. It is the best gift of love we can give to ourselves, and also one of the most challenging. The Doctor Oz Show helps keep me on the right track.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of the conference call with Dr. Oz, and to be able to ask and listen to his responses to some fabulous questions. I could go on and on… but I won’t because I think I need to go and pinch myself now to make sure I’m not dreaming ;).

To your good health, with love?



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