Summer Picnic Basket


One of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice is go on a family picnic.

There’s something so wonderful about spreading a blanket, kicking off our shoes and relaxing on the grass.

But here’s what always happens to me…

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the kids are playing. My husband reaches for the bottle of wine we brought along – oh no, did we forget the corkscrew? Or we’re munching on boring peanut butter sandwiches because no one thought to pick up fun finger food at the store.

Then I tried the Summer Picnic Basket from The Fruit Company, and I have to say, I’m never going back!

The adorable wicker basket is strong and sturdy with beautiful leather details and inside.. so many goodies. It comes with fresh fruit, creamy cheese, honey wheat crackers, summer sausage and even some sweet treats like a bag of caramel crunch. It literally had everything we needed, even tableware and a corkscrew.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone who needs a break from the daily grind and deserves to spend an afternoon enjoying the outdoors.

Summer Picnic Basket is available online from The Fruit Company



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