Hallmark School Days Activity Kit


Did your parents take a picture of you every year on the first day of school? It’s one of our family’s favorite traditions and it always chokes me up to look back through the years.

That’s why I love this new School Days Activity Kit from Hallmark. It captures your child’s first day of school – and all the ones in the years to come – in such a beautiful way.

Here’s how it works: The memory kit includes a photo album, printed with “My First Day” on the cover, to collect snapshots from each first day of school.

It also comes with a chalkboard so little ones can add a personal touch to their yearly photos by writing their grade or a special message.

The book has journaling questions so kids can record memories from each school year, like their teacher’s name, their friends and more.

So crafty and so cute – love!

School Days Activity Kit is available online from Hallmark for $29.95



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