Cool Back to School Supplies


Crisp new notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils – when I was little, I couldn’t wait to go shopping for school supplies and now that I have kids of  my own, it’s like nothing has changed.

I love the organization and planning, going on fun family shopping trips and checking each item off my list.

So what’s new in my children’s backpacks this fall? Check out five super cool school supplies that are sure to get kids excited about going back to school!

Post-it Mobile Collection

These cool new Post-it products help you stay organized on the go. We especially love the “Attach and Go Pocket” which sticks securely to laptops, notebooks and planners to hold your odds and ends.

Available online from Staples

Mabel’s Labels

Sick of your child’s lunchbox, thermos or sneakers winding up in the lost and found? Mabel’s Labels personalized peel-and-stick labels make it fun and easy to keep track of all your family’s stuff!

Available online from

Crayola’s Wild Notes Notebook

Budding artists can tap into their creative side with these cool notebooks from Crayola. Bright metallic colors appear like magic on the black paper when kids use the color-changing pen – love!

Available online from Toys”R”Us

Ubooly Interactive Learning Toy

Powered by your smartphone, Ubooly is a magical stuffed animal that talks and listens, can teach lessons and much more. It quickly adapts to your child, even learning his or her name. This special friend encourages 4-9 year olds to use their imagination and creativity through active play.

Available online from Toys”R”Us

5 Days A Week Paper Mousepad

School supplies don’t just have to be for your kids! Maximize your desk space and keep track of your schedule with this handy weekly calendar slash mousepad.

Available online from Knock Knock



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