How to Soothe Achy Feet After a Long Day


Whether you’re coming in from a long day of work or a long workout, there are times when your feet need a bit of TLC. Taking good care of your feet can prevent future foot pain. Just a few minutes can soothe achy feet after a long day, depending on the level of pain. Experiment with different techniques to find out what feels best to you.

1. Stretch

Stretch your feet for a few minutes. Kick off your shoes and move your feet around to stretch them. Alternate between flexing your feet and pointing your toes. Lean against a table or wall with one foot further back to stretch the heel and ankle.

2. Heat or Ice

Apply the right therapy for your foot pain. If your feet are achy because they’re swollen, you will want to lift them up and place an ice pack on them to ease the swelling. If the muscles are sore from use, use heat therapy by soaking them in hot water.

3. Massage

Massage your feet with a golf or tennis ball. Place the ball on the floor and roll your foot over the top of it. Press as hard as you can without hurting yourself. This will feel especially good on the arch of your feet.

4. Slipper or socks

Slip on a pair of snuggly slippers or nice fuzzy socks. Their softness will make you smile.

5. Bedtime repair

Rub a menthol gel into your feet before bed if they still hurt, as suggested by Self magazine. Put socks on after you’ve used the gel, but choose a pair of socks that you don’t care too much about because the gel can stain the socks. This cooling effect can work on easing your foot pain throughout the night.

6. Daytime support

Stop the pain before it starts by focusing on your footwear! For busy moms who are on their feet all day, wearing comfortable shoes is extremely important. Choose footwear that gives support to your arches and shoes that don’t pinch or hurt. Insoles are also super effective. We love Arch Mobility. Arch Mobility insoles help orient the ankle in a more neutral position than other brands. This provides the key to increasing performance and reducing pain and fatigue because the foot is better aligned with the entire body.

So say goodbye to tired, aching feet for good!



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