Diet Coke While Pregnant


When you’re pregnant, everyone starts monitoring your food and drinks for safety. One person might say that you shouldn’t eat this or that, while your aunt says that women today are too fussed about safety concerns and that she smoked and drank coffee throughout her pregnancy. Still, it’s important to keep the safety of your baby in mind. Diet Coke may not be the healthiest drink in the world, but you don’t have to give it up completely.


Diet Coke contains caffeine, which is best avoided when you’re pregnant. Drinking caffeine can lead to an increased chance of miscarriage, low birth weight or pre-term birth, according to the American Pregnancy Association. However, most doctors suggest that it’s OK to consume 150 to 300 mg of caffeine every day. It’s excessive caffeine consumption that causes birth problems.

Aspartame vs. Saccharine

Caffeine is not the only concern when choosing beverages. Diet drinks contain chemical sweeteners that may harm your baby. The no-calorie sweetener contained in Diet Coke is aspartame, which appears to be safe in pregnancy, provided you don’t have a disease called phenylketonuria. Other diet drinks contain saccharine, however, which can cause birth defects. Diet Coke is relatively safe, but check the label if you are drinking other brands of diet sodas.

Is Drinking Diet Coke During Pregnancy OK?

You should be able to drink Diet Coke during your pregnancy as long as you limit the amount that you’re drinking. Since doctors recommend less than 150 mg of caffeine, you should drink less than that. One can of Diet Coke contains about 45 mg of caffeine, so you could drink two or three cans a day and still be under the limit.

Incorporating Other Beverages

Diet Coke and other caffeinated beverages should not be your only choice when you’re pregnant. It acts as a diuretic, which can make you dehydrated. Water is a better option as can keep you hydrated. Fruit juices and milk also offer more nutrition than a Diet Coke.

Talking to Your Doctor

If you choose to drink Diet Coke during your pregnancy, you should let your doctor know. While she’ll probably agree that it’s safe to drink the occasional Diet Coke, she may know of a reason why you shouldn’t drink it, based on your unique body. You should always be honest with your doctor.



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