Classic Comic Strip “Cathy” Ends 34 Year Run


After 34 long years of relating to women all over the country, the comic strip "Cathy" is finally retiring. The last strip ran Sunday in as many as 1,400 newspapers.

Thirty four years ago, there were not many comic strip ladies to be seen, but "Cathy" burst on to the scene in the thick of the Women's Lib movement with her insecurities, angst, and insignificant anxieties, resounding with girls from all over who were experiencing the same things — namely, fitting our less-than-perfect bodies into low waisted pants, waiting for boyfriends to call, and, when they didn't, stuffing our faces with any form of chocolate.

"Cathy" hadn't quite become the quintessential 21st century woman that society seems to beg for today — she never climbed the coporate ladder or juggled babies with a full time career — but she did strike a chord with millions of people who read the funnies every once in a while. Whether you can directly relate or not, everyone can appreciate the good-humored themes that make you chuckle with empathy or giggle in agreement.

Maybe the relevance of the strip has come and gone, but hey — you try to please people everyday for 34 years! Thanks to Cathy Guisewite, the strip creator, for three decades of cut-it-out-and-put-it-on-the-fridge worthy comics!



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