A Commitment to Meditation


Hi Friends! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday! How was it?

I can’t wait to come back and share with you how ours went, but to be honest I am writing this ahead of time because when this goes up we will still have visitors.

On the 21st of December, only a few days ago, I started trying to incorporate meditation back into my life. I’m just in the very early stages of meditating, 10 minutes at this point. I have tried it before but it never seems to stick around. The reason I jumped back on the band wagon is because I was feeling really exhausted.


There have been a lot of late nights with all that is involved in Christmas preparation. It is wonderful and at the same time a whole lot of work. Being overtired definitely makes it harder. This year there was a lot of last minute stuff going on. I was just not as on top of it as years past with us making the big move to Idaho 2 months ago.

Afternoons would roll around and by that time I felt completely burnt out and drained. Really what I wanted was a nap but with 2 small children that isn’t possible. Instead I let them calm down for a few minutes to watch one of their favorite shows, and I sit in a quiet spot to meditate for 10 minutes. Basically to help rejuvenate myself.

Afternoons are the time of day when the sugar and/or caffeine calls my name the loudest because I am tired, especially this time of year. My hope is to make meditation a habit but it is too soon to say if I will manage to keep it in my day to day.

In the few days I have been committed to doing it, meditation has really helped me clear my mind and distress from the huge amount of things going on and all the to-dos during the holidays. Afterwards I feel more relaxed and at peace.

Here is what I do in case any of you friends would like to join me.
• Sit in a chair in a quiet area of the house. (For me it is my bedroom.)
• Set my cell phone alarm for 10 minutes. (This helps me not stop after 2 minutes with a racing mind or worry about how long I have left the kids watching TV.)
• Clear my mind by focusing on my breath or by picturing myself sitting in a peaceful spot in nature.
• When the thoughts come rushing in (and they do!) I try to picture them as clouds just passing by not judging them.

My personal opinion is that meditation takes practice. The more you practice it, the better you get, and the greater the benefits.

Some suggest meditating early in the morning when your schedule is less busy before you start your day. If I can I like to sleep until the last possible second when my kids wake me up, so in the afternoon when exhaustion is hitting particularly hard works best for me. Finding a time that works for you and being committed to it is the most important part.

Would you like to join me in trying to make meditation more of a priority in your life? If so, let me know. I would love to hear about it! Or if you already meditate regularly do you have any tips you can share?





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