“I Like it on…” Facebook Status Updates: What Do They Mean?


Wonder why all your girlfriends are revealing on Facebook where they like "it"? Status updates such as "I like it on the kitchen counter" and "I like it on the floor" are popping up like wildfire. But, what do they mean?

No, not that! Get your mind out of the gutter! The "I like it on" phenomenon is the latest example of cause awareness on Facebook. Someone decided to have women update their facebook status in this manner, with the "it" referring to the resting place for their purse. So, the status is purposefully vague and intriguing in order to attract attention to breast cancer awareness.

Earlier this year, women updated their status with their bra color in order to promote breast cancer awareness. So, the latest example of cause awareness, the "I like it on" campaign, is a fun and simple way to show your support.

But, be careful if you decide to update your own status since people who are unaware of the campaign, like your boss or fellow Church member, could take it the wrong way.



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