Hummingbird: A Sign of Something Good About To Happen


A visit from a lovely hummingbird was a bright spot in my day. Early in the morning the hummingbird appeared outside my office window. Its wings fluttering so fast, I envisioned my heart beating in unison.

During my morning meditation I told myself something good was going to happen today. The precious hummingbird was a sign of something good. A sign that all is right in the world.

Later on in the day the children and I were sitting on the porch, slightly shaded from the glorious sunshine. Simply being. Simply smiling. When the lovely hummingbird returned to visit twice more.

The smiles that beamed across my children’s faces were indeed something good. The connection to the hummingbird was felt by all of us. Pure love all the way around.

Believe something good is going to happen today.



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