7 Clever Ways Moms Can Use Smart Phones


There’s been a lot of hype lately about how smartphone use for moms is getting out of hand. It’s true that a lot of moms spend way too much time on their phones instead of playing with their kids. However, a smartphone in a mom’s hand can also do a lot of good. There are hundreds of ways that moms can use their smartphones to be better parents, and here are just a few.

1. Get Organized

Being organized with a smartphone is easier than ever. You can use the calendar app that comes with the phone to plan out your day, even using the reminder feature to keep you on time. Or, you can look into great organizational apps like Agenda or Evernote, which keep you structured and productive all day long.

2. Document Memories

Your kids are making memories around you every minute of every day. Don’t miss a moment. Pull out your smartphone and snap pictures for the future. You can even use apps such as OurKids, which is an app that lets you not only take pictures, but also write notes and captions to commemorate the photo. Just be sure you aren’t spending more time taking photos of your kids than with them.

3. Promote Health and Fitness for the Whole Family

Staying fit and healthy is a difficult task. Helping your entire family stay healthy is another beast altogether. Luckily, you can use apps like MyFitnessPal and Epicurious, which help you learn about fitness and choose healthier meals and snacks for your family.

4. Be a Grocery Shopping Pro 

Find coupons, compare prices, and even create shopping lists right on your phone. You can use apps like Grocery iQ for this, or simply use the notepad feature and your web browser to make grocery shopping easier than ever.

5. Connect with Kids

Phones are also a great way to connect with your kids, especially when they get older. You can use apps to find out where your kids are (not as a trust issue, but as a safety precaution), and send a daily text wishing them luck on a test or expressing your love. Though you don’t want to risk being the lame mom who spends way too much time on social media, you can still play it cool and connect with them there. There are hundreds of ways to become more connected with your family through your phone rather than being disconnected.

6. Become a Budgeting Queen

The list of great budgeting apps is endless. From the free Mint app to the more expensive YNAB (You Need a Budget), you can find the perfect app for keeping your family spending under control. Take charge of your spending from your phone, and impress the whole family!

7. Take Some Deserved “Me” Time

Moms would go crazy if they didn’t have a little “me” time to unwind when things got tense. Download a couple of games to help you relieve stress, or even download the Kindle app, which allows you to read eBooks from your phone. Though you never want to go overboard with the time you spend on your phone, a few minutes now and again doing something for you will help you be ready to tackle the every day challenges of being a mom.



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