Hairstyles for Babies With Curly Hair


Your baby has a great head of luscious, curly hair. Since those curls typically don’t last long, make the most of them while you can by styling your baby’s hair in cute, age-appropriate ways that draw attention to her curls. Keep in mind that your baby’s scalp is more delicate than an older child’s and that certain hair accessories, such as that adorable barrette, can be choking hazards.

Page Boy

A page boy hairstyle is a type of bob haircut. The hair is usually chin length with short bangs, though it can be longer. To keep your baby’s curls intact, you may want to keep the hairstyle short, as longer lengths can weigh the hair down. If you want to keep your baby’s curls for as long as possible, cut her hair into a page boy. The bangs on the page boy hairstyle make it easy to keep hair out of your daughter’s eyes without using clips. The style is simple to maintain. Gently run a brush or comb through her hair each morning or whenever the hair looks tousled.

Naturally Curly

Some babies are born with a head of tight, springy curls that are there to stay. If this is true of your baby, don’t worry too much about styling her hair for now, just let her curls do their own thing. Curly hair is more likely to break, according to BabyCenter, so be extra gentle when you comb your baby’s hair. Stick with a wide-toothed comb and only comb enough to make the curls look neat. Wash the hair once a week if it is dry and curly. Too much washing will produce too much frizz. About once a month, rub a bit of conditioner, such as olive oil, into the hair to keep it soft and manageable.

Curly Ponytail

Once your baby’s hair is about 3 inches long, you can try to pull it back into a ponytail. Use a lot of care wrapping the baby’s hair in an elastic. Don’t wrap it too tight or tug too hard as you do not want to irritate her scalp or pull strands out. You can also divide her hair into two sections and create pigtails, which look especially adorable with curls and ringlets.



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