Guided Meditation: Clear Away the Excess in Life


A few weeks ago, I was explaining to someone why and how it is I create guided meditations. Sometimes they are messages I need in my own life, and I share them because I hope they will help others too. Other times I get an overwhelming urge within me to share a particular meditation that comes to me often when I am meditating myself. Most of the time it feels like the meditations comes through me, not from me and that is when I know they are meant to be shared.

The best way I can describe it is that the guided meditations feel like a greater voice from within. I always recognize the need for the meditation to be released because the urge within me speaks and only gets louder. The reason I share this with you is because my hope is for you too to be still and recognize that voice and urge within you. You can try to ignore it but it doesn’t go away. That is your heart calling to you, giving you the messages and guidance you need. Listen to that voice; it is your calling and your purpose. You’ll know it’s the real thing because it will keep reoccurring and it may even get louder and the urge to act stronger. Be brave enough to listen to your heart. That is your purpose in this moment. That is why you are here.

The meditation I share with you today is to clear away the excess in your life. Excess can build up from all around us, and in many forms. It could be excess clutter in your home, or excess weight holding you back from being the healthiest version of yourself. It could also be excess emotions overwhelming you, or baggage from the past emerging and suffocating your joy. Whatever the excess is in your life, it feels the same. It feels like it’s weighing you down, as if you can’t take a big, huge, deep, freeing breath that you so desperately seek.

This guided meditation will help you remove the blocks, and begin to change your internal dialog so that you can break free of the excess, and truly feel the lightness of your soul. I highly recommend when the meditation is over that you continue to meditate in silence for 10 minutes. It is your own voice within that is your greatest teacher, and it can be heard best in silence. May the words in this meditation help you unlock your true divine self.

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Return to this video whenever you feel weighed down by excess in life. You may be feeling the urge within you to simplify. This is also a great video for when you’re feeling the toll excess takes on your body, whether that is an overabundance of emotions, baggage from past events, too much weight, clutter, or an overloaded schedule.


With love & deep gratitude,

Wendy Irene



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