Teen Voice of “Dora the Explorer” Caitlin Sanchez Sues Nickelodeon


Fourteen-year-old Caitlin Sanchez, who was once the voice of the popular Nickelodeon show "Dora the Explorer," is suing the network for breach of contract, saying they owe her millions for residuals, DVD recordings, merchandise tie-ins and hundreds of hours of promotional appearances.

"Caitlin and her family hoped to resolve their concerns short of filing any complaint, but were unfortunately forced to sue when they believed that Nickelodeon was not engaged in good faith discussions," said her attorney John Balestriere.

Nickelodeon says Caitlin was "well-compensated for her work and for her personal appearances."

The network also indicates that perhaps the teen is just upset over not being able to continue as the bilingual voice of Dora in light of her recent voice change. As if puberty isn't tough enough — now, poor Caitlin is overworked and underpaid, too!



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