Google Makes Self-Driving Car


We've already got cars that parallel park themselves and even cars that can fly. It was only a matter of time before someone invented a car that drives itself. And who better than Google to develop an artificial intelligence self-driving vehicle?

The car senses anything near it and makes decisions that an actual driver would make. On California's roadways, Google has been testing a fleet of specially engineered self-driving Toyota Prius's. There are people in the cars, though. The driver is there to take over just in case something goes wrong and a passenger is there to monitor the navigation system.

So far, Google has driven 7 of these cars 140,000 miles with minimal need for human involvement.

While it may be a long time until these autonomous vehicles are mass produced,  Google engineers say they could bring with them safety and environmental benefits. They could allow cars on the road to drive more safely as well as allow lighter cars to be built, reducing carbon costs and fuel consumption.

We applaud Google for their innovations in green transportation alternatives!



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