How Do I Write a Pregnancy Announcement?


Sending out pregnancy announcements is one way to let your friends and family know you are expecting an addition to your family. Once you have selected your pregnancy announcement card, adding customized wording will give it a personalized touch. Some expecting couples like to add a cute poem or riddle on the front of the announcement card and then write the actual pregnancy announcement on the inside. Selecting the proper wording for your pregnancy announcement will ensure you communicate your news clearly.

Step 1

Include you and your partner’s name. Start off your pregnancy announcement by writing you and your baby’s father’s name on the first line. For example, “Jane and John Smith.”

Step 2

Preface your announcement. Introduce your news on the second line by writing something like “are pleased to announce” or “are excited to share.”

Step 3

Share your news. Now is the place to let the cat out of the bag. On the third line, share your big news by writing something like “We are expecting,” “We are having a baby,” or “We are pregnant.” If you know your baby’s gender and wish to include it, add it on this line. If you are having a boy, for example, you may write “We are expecting a baby boy,” or “We are having a baby boy.”

Step 4

Provide your expected due date. On the last line, let friends and family know when you are expecting your baby to arrive. After writing the word “Due,” you can opt to include the month and year, the season and year or your actual estimated due date.



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