Obama and Book-Throwers and Streakers, Oh My!


Some people get a little star-crazy when they see big names in pop culture. Fans of President Obama are no exception! A book was launched in the President's direction after a Philedelphia campaign speech he held on Sunday. Luckily the book didn't hit him, but it did fly behind him!

The Secret Service was all over it, reporting that they were aware of the incident when it happened. A spokesperson says the book was thrown by an "over exuberant" man who wanted Obama to have a copy of the book he'd written.

After interviewing the book-thrower, Secret Service deemed there was no threat — just poor judgment. No arrest was made and the SS didn't even give his name.

However, a streaker was arrested at the same rally . The man was tring to win $1 million in a publicity stunt for a website. The streaker and the book-thrower were not involved with each other in any way.



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