Red Bull Supersonic Freefall with Felix Baumgartner Put on Hold


Red Bull has pulled the plug on its quest to achieve a supersonic parachute jump, pending a multimillion dollar law suit filed by a man who claims rights to the project.

Working for the Red Bull Stratos Program, Felix Baumgartner was aiming to be the first person ever to hit supersonic speeds in the atmosphere without the protection of an aircraft around him. The Austria-born daredevil planned to ride a balloon to an altitude of 120,000 feet and then jump.
Red Bull claimed the jump was a scientific endeavor to study the effects of a supersonic fall on the human body. But, I'm sure the publicity they would've gotten was major motivation for the stunt.

Daniel Hogan claims he pitched the idea to Red Bull in 2004, only to have Red Bull reject it . When Red Bull anounced their Red Bull Stratos Jump stunt, Hogan sued, claiming the company used his pitch idea.

Red Bull insists they did nothing wrong but have stopped the planned jump "until the case has been resolved."



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