“Lawsuit Filed Against Brooke Burke and David Charvet is Ridiculous”


Brooke Burke and David Charvet's attorney Marty Singer states:

The lawsuit filed by Euroconcepts against Brooke Burke and David Charvet is absolutely ridiculous and frivolous. All of the items purchased by David Charvet have been fully paid for. Brooke Burke never dealt directly with Euroconcepts. All of their invoices were sent directly in the name of David Charvet. Most of the invoices refer to items that were never delivered to Mr. Charvet or Ms. Burke.

It is obvious that Euroconcepts and its attorney, Sanford Passman, are well aware of the fact that the lawsuit has no merit, and for that reason have improperly and desperately sent you a portion of Brooke Burke's video deposition which never should have been sent to the media. Mr. Passman expressly agreed after the deposition that the video deposition would not be leaked to the media. This is inconsistent with an attorney's ethical obligations under the law.

Euroconcepts' problem is not the 30 customers who paid for the merchandise that was actually delivered to them and paid for by those customers, including David Charvet, but Euroconcepts had an employee who allegedly stole money from them who has been arrested by the Beverly Hills Police Department and faces criminal liability. The more than 30 defendants include innocent homeowners, contractors and others who had no knowledge of any wrongful conduct by Ms. Halaby. Realizing that Euroconcepts has no viable claim against either David Charvet or Brooke Burke, one of their owners, Daniel Elihu was removed during Brooke Burke's deposition after he threatened to release the video tape of the deposition to the media as a way to harass Ms. Burke into paying money to him. This reckless conduct of spewing lies to the media and releasing Ms. Burke's deposition will not cause either Brooke Burke or David Charvet to pay one penny to Euroconcepts because they allegedly hired a corrupt employee. 



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