Glam Up Your Garden With Decorated Flower Pots


Spring is here and summer is on the way – time to get outside and plant some flowers! Now is the perfect time to prep your pots for a beautiful garden.

Here are some tips for creating a flower pot of perfection:

Pretty Paint Jobs

With just a few coats of color, you can transform any ordinary looking flower pot into a decorative piece of art. Before painting, sand away any rough sports of loose clay particles on the rim, bottom edge, and outside of the pot. 

Seal the inside of the pot with oil or water based polyurethane (2 or 3 coats) and then allow it to dry. Paint the outside of the pot in a base color of your choice, using 2-3 coats of acrylic or latex paint. Once all of the paint dries, it is time to let your creatic artistic side come to light!

You can use a stencil design, or free-hand a design of your choice. Frogs and turtles make for an adorable, fall-themed flower pot. Once you have added your design, apply two coats of water-base polyurethan sealant to protect your artwork and add a clear shine. Great colors for fall -butter yellow, sage green, taupes and muted reds!

Add Accessories

Memorial Day is right around the corner and can make for a great theme to apply to your flower pots! Get creative with accessories to make a great festive pot for your garden. For example, add red, white and blue ribbon, pom-poms or glitter streaks in the shape of fireworks. . 

Mosaic Tile

For a more modern style of decoration, try creating a mosaic tile design. Using mortar, glue different colored stained glass pieces to the outside of your pot. To stick the the fall theme, you can incorporate various shades of red, orange, and brown stained glass pieces. Allow 24 hours for the mortar to dry. 

Next, use gloves to apply grout to the outside of the pot. Push the grout into all the cracks and smooth it over the stained glass pieces. After letting the grout sit for around 30 minutes, apply light pressure with wet sponge to rinse the excess cement off the mosaic glass. Wait for another hour or two and then wipe the glass again using a soft damp cloth. Try not to disturb the grout in the cracks during this process.

Viola! A modern masterpiece.



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