The McRib is Back on November 2!


McDonald's is bringing back their widely popular McRib sandwich at select locations. McRib lovers are extremely excited for another chance to eat this sandwich, which typically only shows up on the menu for a few weeks at a time, and at different locations. In fact, these sandwich lovers are often willing to travel hours to the nearest McDonald's featuring this menu item.

And the ironic thing is that the McRib sandwich is rib-free! It's a boneless pork patty molded into the shape of a rib, with pickles, onions, BBQ sauce on a bun. For some, this combination is gag-worthy, while others cherish this rare delight.

On November 2, McDonald's will be offering the McRib at several locations across the U.S., but only for about six weeks. Now, you may be wondering, If it's so popular, why doesn't the fast-food chain offer it all year long? "It doesn't sell well all year long because people get tired of it," says McDonald's USA President Jan Fields. McDonald's sure knows how to promote their menu items – only offer it for a limited time and get the buzz going!

There are about 300 Facebook groups devoted to this rib-free rib sandwich, including one group named "Bring Back the McRib, Please" which has over 500 members.

In terms of profit, McDonald's sold about 60 million McRib sandwiches in the past three years. But, this number pales in comparison to the 1.5 billion Big Macs sold during the same period. While the restaurant chain tried to permanently remove the sandwich from the menu five years ago with a "McRib Farewell Tour", too many fans refused to let their beloved sandwich fade into memory and created a "Save the McRib" website. McDonald's, of course, aims to please it's consumers, so it still offers its McRib sandwiches — as long as you're quick enough to catch them before they leave again.

Have you eaten a McRib? Would you eat one?



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