Rapper T.I. Talks Man Out of Jumping Off Roof


Rapper T.I. came to the rescue as he helped police talk a man down from trying to jump off a high-rise building in Atlanta, Georgia. Police officials say T.I. used encouraging words to calm the man down and ease the situation. Both the police and T.I. say that the rapper "happened to be in the right place at the right time."

"I told him it ain't that bad. It'll get better, to put the time and effort into making it better," T.I. said. "I just reminded him…it looks bad right now, but it can turn around."

The 25-year-old man who decided not to jump was taken to a hospital for a psych evaluation and was not charged with a crime.

This incident is very timely since T.I. is due in court Friday for a parole hearing after being arrested on suspicion of drug offenses last month in LA. T.I. was recently released from serving nine months in prison and three months in a halfway house for federal weapons charges. He is currently on supervised release. At his next court hearing, the judge may decide to send him back to jail or forgive his alleged offenses.



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