Brooke Burke Dressing Room

Every parent has their share of awkward moments with their kids, even celebrities! We asked Brooke Burke to share one of her “oops” moments – and how she handled it.

So one day, Brooke was in her dressing room at “Dancing with the Stars,” with her daughter Rain and her stylist Justin Ducoty. She’s getting dressed for the show and Justin’s doing his job:

“He buttons me up and stitches me up and zips me up and helps me squeeze in and out of my gowns”

When Brooke turned around, there was Rain, with a look of shock and disapproval. “She was just sitting there, a little mortified and a little confused. And she looks at me, very solemnly and says ‘I’m telling Papa.’ And then she marched right out.”

Brooke hightailed it after her and took her into a little sitting room to explain the situation. “I told her, ‘baby, that’s his job – he’s a stylist and he dresses Mommy all the time, and he’s not interested and he doesn’t look and I have panties on.”

“But Mommy, he sees everything else!” Brooke told her “it was totally fine and Papa knows,” but Rain was still concerned. And her little instincts were right on point – she saw her mom getting dressed in front of someone who wasn’t her dad!

“It’s hard to undersand something like that at the tender age of four, so I had to call an immediate meeting with Rain, Justin and her father. I don’t want my kids to think it’s ok to take off your clothes in front of anyone! So we sat down together, and David reassured her that it was totally ok, and Justin reassured her that he’s not looking, and it’s just work.”

Brooke went on, “the whole thing was a little funny and a little awkward, because you want to teach your children to be conservative and be discreet – but this was kind of a unique situation. Justin’s job is to dress me – he’s the one person who’s with me in the final moments before the show. I wanted to ease her mind, but she isn’t old enough to try to get into more complicated issues – like how he’s not interested in me because he’s gay.”

She laughed and said, “I guess Rain is too young to have developed ‘gay-dar’!”



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