Obama Woos MTV Voters


During a live MTV/BET/CMT-sponsored discussion Thursday afternoon, President Obama tried to connect with young audiences. Audience members asked the President hard-hitting questions during the hour-long broadcast.

The town hall was hosted by MTV's Sway Calloway, BET's April Woodard and CMT's Katie Cook, and aired live on all three stations in an attempt to reach a diversity of young voters and inspire them to vote in the next election.

Obama spoke about education reform, improving the job market, his aim to end the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, "zero-tolerance" for harrasment and cyber-bullying (alluding to the recent deadly trend of bullying of gay youth), and more.

The town hall proved that many young voters still believe in Obama's message, even if they haven't necessarily seen the change he promised during his campaigning. The audience questions were thoughtful and well-articulated and no one dared to ask Obama what they asked Bill Clinton in a similar MTV town hall in 1994 — boxers or briefs?



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