Leave It to Beaver’s Barbara Billingsley Died at 94


Leave it to Beaver, an iconic show of its time, lost its beloved Mom, Barbara Billingsley Saturday morning. Better known as Mrs. Cleaver, the calm, cool and coiffed TV mom passed away in her home in Santa Monica at the age of 94.

Jerry Mathers, who played the Beaver, on the hit show from 1957-1963, said in a statement, "Barbara was a patient advisor and teacher. She helped me along this challenging journey through life by showing me the importance of manners and respect for others." Mathers, aged 62, continued to say  "She will be missed by all of her family, friends, fans and, most especially, by me."

Tony Dow, who played older brother Wally, told CNN that "She was as happy as a lark being recognized as America's mom. She had a terrific life and had a wonderful impact on everybody she knew, and even people she didn't know."

While this show started in the late '50s, many generations grew up wondering why their moms didn't wear pearls and an apron to do the dishes. She was an inspirational ModernMom of her time and will be missed. Rest in peace Mrs. Cleaver.



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