Cute Haircuts for Kids


Choosing a child’s haircut can be difficult. You want it to be manageable, but at the same time, your child wants to look good at recess. A haircut that is time consuming to maintain can create stressful mornings. Many cute haircut options are possible for children. Understanding what type of cut works well with your child’s hair type can make a trip to the stylist less stressful.


A blunt cut with bangs is a classic style for little girls. Whether the hair is long or short, cutting a straight bang just above the eyebrows will provide a perfect frame for her eyes. Bangs can be used with a causal style when her hair is allowed to fall naturally around her shoulders, or fancied-up as hair is swept up. Make sure to trim the bangs every four to six weeks to keep them from impairing her vision.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut has been around for many years because of its versatility and easy care. A pixie cut is made by cutting short layers into the hair all over the child’s head. The layers should not be longer than 2 inches each. Pixie cuts are good because they work with almost all hair types. Whether your child’s hair is fine, thin, thick or curly, a pixie cut will be easy to care for. It is a basic, cute, wash-and-wear style for the little girl on the go.


A spike haircut for boys is versatile and popular. Keeping the spikes relatively short works best, because it gives several options for wear. Spikes can be made to stand straight up using hair gel. If he is going somewhere more subdued in tone, the spikes can be made to lay down flat, and the hair can be parted on the side and combed. Spikes can be made to look stiff with enough gel, or relaxed and tousled with a reduced amount of gel.



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