Who Really Washes Their Hands?


Doctors and mothers always tell us to wash our hands. But do you really do it? A recent study found that although most people claim to wash their hands after certain activities, the dirty truth is as follows:

By activity:

82% after changing a diaper
96% after using a public restroom
27% after handling money
39% after coughing or sneezing
77% before eating or handling food
89% after using the restroom at home
42% after petting a dog or cat

By location:

Shedd Aquarium, Chicago — 79% men, 92% women
Grand Central Station, NY — 77% men, 83% women
Ferry Terminal Market, San Francisco — 84% men, 95% women
Turner Field, Atlanta — 65% men, 98% womem
Museum of Science and Industry — 88% men, 98% women

Moral of the study: Wash your hands, men!



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