How to Handle Hyperactive Kids


Hyperactive kids can sometimes be difficult to identify. While there are obvious cases of children behaving in hyperactive ways, young kids can have short attention spans and act impulsively. For example, in a classroom in which a subject in being taught that a child considers boring, the child may understandably become inattentive and easily distracted. On the other hand, some kids may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and the hyperactivity may be more obvious. When confronted with situations requiring the handling of hyperactive kids, you can take steps to make the task more manageable.

Step 1

Set rules that are simple and can be easily understood. This helps the child understand what behavior is acceptable and what is not. The rules should also include clear consequences for what happens when the rules are broken.

Step 2

Remind the children of the consequences of a rule that is being broken or about to be broken. Avoid repeating the warning, though. The child is reminded of the consequences, and the rule must be enforced for the child to understand behavioral consequences.

Step 3

Apply the disciplinary consequences for broken rules before becoming frustrated or angry. This can help you to deal long-term with the hyperactive kid without becoming emotionally distraught.

Step 4

Give verbal praise when rules are followed. The praise should come while the rule is being followed or soon after so that the child can more closely associate the praise with the desired behavior. Vary the words used for praise so that it doesn’t sound scripted or repetitive.



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