What to Wear When Spray Tanning


Spray tanning allows you to sport the tanned look without the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. A worker will spray your body with a mist of water and dihydroxyacetone, which darkens your skin gradually after exposure. It typically lasts around a week, but you want to wear the right clothes so that you prolong the life of the tan.

Clothes for the Near Future

It’s important to think of the clothes that you’ll want to wear over the next week before you get your spray tan, especially if you are getting it for a special event. The spray tan will not penetrate through any of the clothes you wear during the tanning, so if you want to wear something strapless, you need to show your shoulders during the process.

Your Comfort Level

There will be a technician in the room with you spraying your body. To decide what to wear, consider your comfort level with this. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a bikini or a bra and a pair of panties. Thong-style panties will expose more of your skin for the tan. Alternatively, many people choose to go naked. If you do wear clothes, choose dark-colored cotton clothing, as there may be slight staining.

After the Spray Tan

After you have the procedure done, you want to wear loose-fitting cotton clothing to prevent rubbing the solution off your skin. If your clothes are too tight in places, it could rub off, and your tan will be uneven. A loose sundress is ideal.

Nighttime Wear

You should also wear loose-fitting cotton pajamas when you go to sleep the first night. The tanning solution may still be working its magic. The spray tan mixture is likely to stain satin, so change to cotton sheets as well.


It’s best to remove all jewelry when you have your spray tan, unless you wear those pieces all the time. Leaving it on can leave tan lines.



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