New Year Saving Resolutions


So, 2010 is almost complete.  Did you have financial goals that you did not meet?  Do you have new goals for 2011?  At we are all about finding sources to be smarter shoppers and earn a little "Fun Money".  With a little time it can add up! I am passionate about sharing what I have learned with others.  It is amazing what is available today to help you become better savers and earners.   Here are a few of my suggestions to start your new year off on a good foot.

If you have any questions after viewing either of the videos, please ask away!

  • Sign up to take online surveys – This is one of the easiest ways to earn some "Fun Money" to start paying down your bills.  I was able to pay for almost all of my Christmas presents using Amazon credit I received from taking surveys and cashing out for gift cards from and  This really works!  Invest a little time signing up and then wait for the surveys to come to your in box.  A nice perk is sometimes survey companies will ask you to try a product and give them your feedback.  So, you get points for taking the survey and you get a free product!  To see a complete list of survey companies to sign up with Click Here
  • Don’t believe "nothing is free" because it is - So many companies offer free samples of their products to test in hopes that you will go and buy more.  I track down these great offers every day and bring them all to you.  Click Here to see what you can sign up for now. 
  • Share Your Opinions – There are a lot of companies that want your opinion and are willing to pay you or give you freebies for sharing with others.  It is amazing what I have received free in 2010!  Click Here to see which companies are looking for help.

I could go on and on!  I hope that you will take a little time at the beginning of the year to look into some of the resources I mentioned above.  I so badly want all of you to know about all the wonderful ways to save and earn and I hope you will pass them along to your friends.  Visit us anytime at and feel free to e-mail me at

Happy New Year!





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