Hanson Brothers Are Brewing Their Own Beer – MMMhop


From boy bands to beer makers?

It’s not a joke – the boys responsible for the catchy (slash annoying) ’90s hit “MMMbop” and they’re entering the adult beverage market.

The Hanson brothers have announced that they’ll be releasing their very own brew called MMMhop sometime next year, according to the Express U.K.

“It’s vital our fans have trust in everything Hanson do,” said Zac Hanson, the youngest brother at 26. “We are soon going to be selling our own beer. I’m not joking – MMMhop IPA anyone?”

Shocked these former teen sensations are all old enough to legally drink? Yeah, we feel old too.

But the Hanson boys are all grown up, in fact, they’re all fathers! Isaac Hanson, 31, has two children; Taylor, 28, has four kids and Zac has two. 

What do you think? Will MMMhop be MMMgood?



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