Former Russian Spy Anna Chapman Graces Maxim Cover


Former Russian Spy, Anna Chapman, can be seen on the cover of next month's issue of Russian edition of 'Maxim.' She sports a risque black lingerie outfit, diamond chandelier earrings, a silver automatic and a sexy smile.  

In the article, Chapman reveals what she looks for in a man.  "Most men are divided in three categories: primitive, those that only want sex; smarter, those that want to be loved, and [the] last group — those that not only want to be loved, they also need that this love will be the biggest and most amazing feeling in your life," she said. "Those are the most difficult, but that is my favorite category."  
Her popular article has crashed the Russian Maxim website multiple times.  Chapman was recently hired as a technology advisor to the Russian President's FundService Bank. 
Who knew failed espionage could end up being so profitable and fame-creating?



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