2010 A Women On The Fence Year In Review

I have to thank my husband, who saw that my urge to write was so strong this week, that he is now making my boys breakfast downstairs, so that I can get my thoughts out of my brain and onto paper (well, you know what I mean). 2010 was an interesting year. And although I am on vacation, I couldn’t end off 2010 without a recap of a few life lessons learned, memories shared, milestones celebrated, and tough times endured.

2010 was without a doubt, the most interesting year of my life. This was my year ‘off the fence.’ Euphoric at times, to be honest. To have received a second chance to build something from nothing, was a truly a dream come true. That’s what 2010 was for me… something from nothing.

So here goes. Women On The Fence’s 2010 Year In Review– in chronological order. Some of my favorite moments…

  • I argued that notion that contrary to popular belief, women are in fact NOT superwomen and cannot have it all. All we can do is strive for balance. Perfection is an illusion of the mind. Many of you debated that thought.
  • We heard one woman’s story of abuse, bulimia and resilience and how she came back from the dooms of darkness.
  • I made my Bucket List, which became one of my most popular pieces today, inspiring people around the world to comprise their own. Yes, even Brooke Burke too, who crossed many more items off her list than I did mine.
  • Our anonymous Man On The Fence gave his controversial view on sex, (from a male perspective obviously). Many of you bashed him, but it was an interesting read nevertheless.
  • I finally voiced my opinon on religion and my problem with the presence of hypocrisy.
  • I challenged you to take a test to that gave you insight into your own life.
  • I announced that Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York had endorsed my book. The book that was born out of a chance encounter at the emergence room in the hospital. Ah, my very first book. THAT’S a milestone.
  • We learned some amazing life lessons from Warren Buffet.
  • I discovered what life’s really all about. And I’m just a simpleton at the end of the day.
  • I turned 35.
  • I was the headlined speaker at The National Women’s Show and decided to show up a little less prepared than I should have because I put mommyhood first.
  • I demonstrated how ONE THOUGHT could change your life.
  • I showed you that there are people out there with open marriages. I asked you if you thought open marriages could survive.
  • I told you to never underestimate willpower. That some of the world’s greatest ideas were born out of a dream. Never stop dreaming.
  • We talked about how to talk to your kids about sex. Oh yes!
  • I talked about my frustrations and feeling down, and just wanting to let go, and DANCE!
  • We learned a valuable lesson from a dog named Faith.
  • I took all my makeup off for the world for Bloggers Without Makeup Day.
  • We heard one woman’s difficult choice she made in order to save her life.
  • We talked about getting your priorities straight. A test for you to see in black and white, just what your priorities are.
  • I went on a much needed girls vacation. It was exactly what the doctor ordered.
  • I realized life isn’t always fair.
  • We saw a video to get us to stop bitching.
  • I shared incredible life lessons my father taught me. I still cry when I read them.
  • We read The Wooden Bowl. It changed many of your lives.
  • I saw my little ones grow up before my eyes.
  • We saw one woman’s quest to lose 100 pounds and how she chose herself.
  • I wrote an open letter to Lindsay Lohan that got picked up by many media sites.
  • We remembered Randy Pausch
  • We read a captivating story of a man who transitioned into a woman.
  • One of my favorites: My husband and I celebrated 10 years married.
  • I made you realized why we should live for today. You cried. It was what to cry about.
  • I talked about the importance of being alone.
  • I saw my first book published and launch on HSN, selling out opening weekend.
  • I celebrated one year of Blogging by doing something cool.
  • We heard Anissa’s Story. Wow.
  • I graced the cover of the Business Section, and then the article went national in every major newspaper across this country. A true milestone.
  • We talked Mommy Guilt, and yes, it struck a chord.
  • We learned some more life lessons. And they were GOOD.
  • We talked about men jerking off. Yes we did.
  • I urged us all to stop being so hard on ourselves. We got a glimpse into Portis De Rossi’s living hell.
  • We chatted overbearing mother-in-laws.
  • I had some incredible experiences in LA filming a new mom show (and going to the season finale of Dancing With The Stars). A true eye-opener for me.
  • I confessed my addiction.
  • We heard Denise’ Story, a grave warning to ALL.
  • I got you all talking MOM CAVES! Yes!
  • I was on TV interviewed by a broadcaster I had grown up watching.
  • I lost my shit.
  • I made an exciting announcement.

Then I took a break.

Ladies (and yes gentlemen), I want to wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011. Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for celebrating with me. Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on. Thank you for holding my hand.

And remember, a word about getting off the fence… “To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

See you in 2011.




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