Demi Moore on Whether She’ll Change “Mrs Kutcher” Twitter Handle


Demi Moore has finally addressed the most pressing issue in her split from Ashton Kutcher…. What is she going to do about her Twitter handle??

The 49-year-old actress goes by @MrsKutcher on the social networking site, a name that could prove problematic in light of the fact that she plans to divorce her husband of six years, Mr. Kutcher.

So what does Demi have to say about the matter that’s clearly been on everyone’s mind? Basically, to back off and get over it.

“Changing my twitter name isn’t a top priority right now,” she wrote in a post on Wednesday. “Sorry it bothers so many of u. should I not tweet until I do?does it really matter?”

The couple, who announced their split in November, are long-time Twitter users. She has more than 4.3 million followers and he has more than 8.7 million.



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