Mother and Student Marisol Valles Garcia Named Police Chief of Guadalupe, Mexico


Marisol Valles Garcia isn't just any 20-year-old college student. She's been named the new police chief of Guadalupe, Mexico. This criminology major and mother to one young son got the job because, well, no one else applied.

The position is plagued with fear because the town has fallen victim to rivalries between competing drug cartels.

Garcia hopes to establish programs in the neighborhoods and schools in order to secure public spaces and to gain cooperation from the neighborhood. She says that the community has been supportive of her new position so far.
"We are simply going to talk with them, with the people, with the families, giving them confidence so they will quit being afraid, so they can leave their houses" Gracia tells CNN Espanol.

Despite accepting the position of head of police in one of Mexico's most dangerous towns, Garcia refuses to be intimidated. "We're all afraid in Mexico now. We can't let fear beat us."



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