1st Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him


Spending your first Valentine’s Day together can be exciting and romantic, as well as nerve-racking if you have no idea what to get him. Choose something that expresses how you feel about him without going overboard. Use “love day” and your gift to establish a special tradition the two of you can share every Valentine’s Day you spend together.

Romantic Messages

Little romantic messages that display your feelings are appropriate for any Valentine’s Day celebration, especially the first. A simple gesture, such as hidden notes, lets your guy know you care without being too assertive. Alternatively, using a hidden message may give you the opportunity to say “I love you” for the first time without creating an awkward moment or stumbling over the words due to nerves.

Consider a nice set of cufflinks that have room for a small rolled-up message or that contain an “X” and “O” if your guy has to wear a suit and tie every day. Or, give him a set of collar stays with a message he can keep close to him all day. Opt for a key chain with a hiding place for a love note if he doesn’t dress up every day. These gifts let him know you care without seeming too forward for a new relationship.

If he doesn’t wear a suit and tie often, write out your love note or poem and roll it up. Put it inside a bottle with some conversation hearts, rose petals, sand and shells, river rocks or any other small memento you collected together. If you aren’t into conversation hearts, consider a personalized message inside fortune cookies.

Book of Firsts

Put a spin on your love notes by compiling a scrapbook with hand-written messages surrounding pictures and mementos from your time together so far. You can make this a traditional Valentine’s Day gift to create a scrapbook of your favorite moments together throughout the year. Emphasize all the “firsts” you’ve had to date, such as pictures or reminders of where and how you met, your first date, your first kiss, your first dance together or the first night he met your parents or kids. If you have ticket stubs or pictures from those events, include them in the scrapbook. If not, take pictures, draw your own or use words to relive the memories.

There’s a First Time for Everything

Take advantage of your first Valentine’s Day together to further your relationship in a way that doesn’t seem out of place on the most romantic day of the year. If you’ve never cooked for him before, make him a home-cooked meal — whether it’s breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch or an elaborate dinner for two. Make sure he doesn’t have any food allergies before choosing your meal.

Purchase some new lingerie if you’re wanting to take your relationship to the next level and he hasn’t seen you in lingerie yet. Use Valentine’s Day-themed garb in white, pink or red if you aren’t sure of his lingerie preferences.

Consider a lengthier celebration by booking a weekend getaway to a secluded bed and breakfast, ski resort or mini cruise if you want to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day together in a special way. This is especially good if you’ve been dating for a while but haven’t taken any short trips away together or spent the night together yet.

Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts

Put emphasis on this being your first Valentine’s Day together with traditional gifts that scream, “This is our first love day together.” For example, make a little T-shirt for a Valentine’s Day-stuffed animal with hearts and the words “Happy 1st Valentine’s Day.” Use the same idea to make him something he’ll use every day, such as a mouse pad, coffee mug or throw. Use fabric paint if you can’t sew, or have the gift custom-made by professionals.

Use a jar or vase shaped like the number one to hold his gift. This works if you’re giving him candy, rose petals or tickets to a concert or sporting event.



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