Beauty Tips for Gray-Haired Women


The gray can creep in gradually. At the first sight of a gray strand, some women may opt for coloring. Life is short, though, and the time and money spent on coloring hair can be viewed as time and money that could be better spent on more worthwhile endeavors. For women who have chosen to stop coloring or for women who opt not to battle the onset of gray hair, some things can be done to enhance the beauty that gray hair can bring.

Highlights and Lowlights

Use highlighting or low-lighting for your graying hair, especially if you have a pale complexion. According to stylist Lisa Chiccine, as quoted on Oprah, women who have pale or sallow complexions and go gray can appear to have a washed-out look. Hair that is normally brown that is going gray can appear mousy. For these situations, try highlights and lowlights of mahogany, honey or tortoiseshell.

Makeup Color

Use more color when applying makeup. This also helps prevent a washed-out appearance. Use a blush that is appropriate for your complexion. Use a lip liner before applying lipstick. Use a lipstick color that is rich such as pink, berry, peach or apricot tones. These berry colors will help overcome the loss of color in your hair and can bring out your natural facial beauty. Eye liner and shadow will also accentuate your face, adding color and drawing attention away from your hair.


Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for your gray hair. Hair that has turned gray tends to be coarser and drier than hair with its natural pigment. Using the right moisturizing products that are suitable for your particular hair can help your hair keep its fullness and volume. Remember that one moisturizing treatment will not keep your hair from becoming dry and coarse. The moisturizing treatments need to be continued on a regular basis.

Positive Attitude

Keep a positive attitude about going gray. Remember that some actresses are considered attractive with their dry hair. Actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis have not given up on being beautiful simply because their hair turns gray.



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